Nespresso Buenos Aires Lungo Coffee Capsules

Nespresso Buenos Aires Lungo Capsules

The Buenos Aires edition of the Lungo capsule blends a very gently roasted Arabica from Colombia together with Robusta from Uganda which gives off both sweet popcorn and cereal notes. This is a tribute to Buenos Aires’ love for smooth, long cups of coffee!

Intensity: 4

Roastiness: 1/5
Bitterness: 1/5
Acidity: 2/5
Body: 1/5

Size of Cup: Lungo (110ml)

Buenos Aires Lungo Capsule Taste and Notes

Aromatic Profile: Spicy and aromatically woody notes, with sharp intensity coming from the Robusta beans.
Origin: Washed Arabica from Colombia brings both acidity and fruitiness, and the Robusta from Uganda adds malted cereal and popcorn notes from the light roast.
Roasting: Using two controlled splits of roasting, the really light profile of the blend is preserved. The second split adds a little bit more body and intensity to the blend, but not too much – it’s only roasted slightly longer.

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