Nespresso Bukeela ka Ethiopia Coffee Pod Capsules

Bukeela ka Ethiopia Grand Cru

Note: The Bukeela ka Ethiopia coffee pod capsules have been discontinued by Nespresso, although they are still sold in some variety packs. We recommend some similar alternatives below.

Made from Arabicas derived from the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia, this blend is slightly musky, with a hint of wood. The Sidama beans are gently washed and dried in the sun before roasting. These are mixed with a western Ethiopian bean which is unwashed and naturally processed.

Intensity: 3

Size of Cup: Lungo (110ml)

Aromatic Profile: Floral, notes of musk & wood

Alternatives to the Nespresso Bukeela ka Ethiopia Capsule

The Bukeela Ethiopia coffee capsule is light and fruity. Its composition is two different Ethiopian Arabicas, which are roasted in a two part process. One part is roasted darker and shorter to enhance the coffee’s body, and the other is roasted lighter but longer to bring the perfume and aromatic profile to the coffee. The result is a coffee that’s both fresh and floral.

The Bukeela ka Ethiopia still exists in variety packs, but is becoming phased out. If you would like, you can try some of these Nespresso capsule variety packs and also pick up some other flavours you might just fall in love with!

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Recommended: Nespresso Tokyo Vivalto Lungo Capsule

The floral notes of the Bukeela ka Ethiopia are quite characteristic of this coffee pod. The Tokyo Vivalto Lungo also has a similar profile, with a complex, floral aroma. It is somewhat stronger and roasted a bit darker than the Bukeela ka Ethiopia, but the delicate array of flavours makes for a similarly lovely tasting experience. We highly recommend trying it!

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