Nespresso Capriccio Original Line Coffee Pod Capsule

Nespresso Capriccio Capsules / Coffee Pods

Rich and distinctive: Blending South American Arabicas with a touch of Robusta, Capriccio is an espresso with a rich aroma and a strong typical cereal note. A classic, balanced espresso.

Intensity: 5

Roastiness: 2/5

Size of Cup: 40ml

Capriccio Capsule Taste and Notes

Aromatic Profile: A typical cereal note balanced with a light acidity.
Origin: The presence of South American Arabicas grown at high altitude gives this blend a light acidity, which is balanced with the perfect amount of Brazilian Arabica and a touch of Robusta.
Roasting: The light roasting of this blend creates a rich character and preserves a light acidity.

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