Nespresso Dharkan Coffee Pod Capsules

Nespresso Dharkan Capsule

Note: The Dharkan coffee pod capsules have been discontinued by Nespresso, although they are still sold in some variety packs. We recommend some similar alternatives below.

Roasted for much longer than other espresso, over a lower heat, this capsule provides an intense flavour, with a subtle note of cocoa and a slightly nutty flavour that combine to be both silky and sophisticated. There are four different origin coffees present here which contributes to a really strong and complex flavour.

Intensity: 9

Size of Cup: Espresso (40ml)

Aromatic Profile: Intense, bitter cocoa powder, toasted cereals

Alternatives to the Nespresso Dharkan Capsule

Nespresso have discontinued / are discontinuing the Dharkan capsule. There are some Nespresso variety packs that include Dharkan capsules where you can still pick some up, but these are expected to be phased out over time. If you would like, you can try some of these variety packs and also pick up some other flavours you might just fall in love with!

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Recommended: Nespresso Palermo Kazaar Capsule

Because of the way the Dharkan capsule is roasted for much longer, it’s an extremely dark and intense. The most similar capsule that we would recommend is the Kazaar coffee pod, which is also very dark and intense.

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