Nespresso Cape Town Envivo Lungo Capsules

Nespresso Cape Town Envivo Lungo Capsules

Combining the best Robusta and Arabica coffees from Mexico and India, this capsule produces an espresso that will wake you up in the morning with its gingerbread notes and full body.

Intensity: 10

Roastiness: 5/5
Bitterness: 4/5
Acidity: 1/5
Body: 4/5

Size of Cup: Lungo (110ml)

Envivo Lungo Capsule Taste and Notes

Aromatic Profile: Lively spicy and aromatically woody notes, with sharp intensity coming from the Robusta.
Origin: This blend contains both Indian Arabica and Robusta. The medium-roasted Washed Mexican Robusta brings a full body, while the dark-roasted Indian Arabicas lend a punchy bitter note and a characteristically Indian woodsy aroma.
Roasting: Robustas from Mexico and India are both roasted medium, but the Arabica beans used are roasted darker to create some additional intensity.

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