Nespresso Firenze Arpeggio Coffee Pod Capsules

Nespresso Firenze Arpeggio Capsules

Intense and creamy: A dark roast of pure South and Central American Arabicas, Arpeggio has a strong character and intense body, enhanced by cocoa notes.

Intensity: 9

Roastiness: 4/5
Bitterness: 4/5

Size of Cup: 25ml / 40ml

Firenze Arpeggio Capsule Taste and Notes

Aromatic Profile: Cocoa
Origin: A selection of the best South and Central American Arabicas, with fruity or malted profiles, characteristic of Costa Rican coffees.
Roasting: This pod is roasted intensely to bring out the characteristics of each origin. Its full body develops from the fine grinding of the beans.
Aromatic Profile: Intense, dense and creamy with bold roasted notes.

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