Nespresso Linizio Lungo Capsules

Nespresso Linizio Lungo Capsules

Round and balanced: Pure Arabica from South America, Linizio Lungo is a well-rounded blend made of Brazilian and Colombian coffee.

Intensity: 4

Roastiness: 2/5
Bitterness: 1/5
Acidity: 1/5
Body: 2/5

Size of Cup: 110ml

Linizio Lungo Capsule Taste and Notes

Aromatic Profile: Malted Cereal, balanced; Round and smooth.
Origin: Arabicas from Brazil and Colombia that go into making Linizio Lungo are handpicked. Treated differently, the Brazil Bourbon beans are washed, then depulped, and dried in the sun with their mucilage; the Arabica from Colombia on the other hand will be fermented with its mucilage and washed afterwards.
Roasting: The split roasting reveals the specificities of each origin. On one hand, longer roasting yields a darker bean that reveals the malted cereal notes of the Bourbon beans. On the other hand, shorter roasting of the Arabica from Colombia yields lighter beans and highlights the softer notes reminding of sugar cane, specific to its region of origin.

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