Nespresso Shanghai Lungo Capsules

Nespresso Shanghai Lungo Capsules

Did you know that while famous for tea, China has been growing coffee for centuries? Using Chinese, Kenyan and Indonesian Arabicas to create this Lungo blend, this light roast is strong on berry notes and has fine acidity, which will be a delight to taste!

Intensity: 5

Roastiness: 2/5
Bitterness: 1/5
Acidity: 2/5
Body: 2/5

Size of Cup: Lungo (110ml)

Shanghai Lungo Capsule Taste and Notes

Aromatic Profile: Fruits are the dominant aromas in this blend, with oranges, peach and red fruit particularly strong. The addition of berry notes with the acidity makes this blend particularly smooth.
Origin: This Lungo blend was created from a combination of Chinese, Kenyan and Indonesian beans. Only Arabica beans are used here, and it has a very distinctive light roast.
Roasting: The light roast here is achieved in two splits, to bring out flavour while preserving the blend’s delicate nature. The grind is particularly fine inside the capsule to keep the flavour from becoming too mild.

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