Nespresso Volluto Decaffeinato Capsules

Nespresso Volluto Decaffeinato Capsules

A blend of pure and lightly roasted Arabicas from South America, this decaf coffee capsule has a sweet and biscuity flavour that is reinforced by a hint of acidity and fruity notes.

Intensity: 4

Roastiness: 2
Bitterness: 2
Acidity: 3
Body: 2

Size of Cup: Espresso (40ml)

Volluto Decaffeinato Capsule Taste and Notes

Aromatic Profile: Rich in flavour with a round body, similar to the caffeinated version. Light biscuit and fruit notes throughout.
Origin: This blend purely uses decaffeinated Arabica beans from Colombia and Brazil, that have distinctive fruity and cereal notes.
Roasting: Each type of Arabica bean is separately roasted. The Brazilian Arabica has more biscuit notes from a shorter roast, and the longer but also lighter roast from the Colombian beans give more fruity aromas.

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