How to Buy the Best Nespresso Machine

The Nespresso range includes large work-horse coffee machines ideal for the workplace, and others compact and ergonomic ideal for placing outside of the kitchen. Some machines are suited more to those who adore their milk-based coffee, others designed to speedily deliver a delicious espresso or lungo drink. We recommend the Lattissima for milk-based lovers and the CitiZ for pure espresso. For an affordable all rounder, however, the U-series is a “can’t go wrong” option.

Nespresso Pixie Coffee Machines

The Pixie is an amazingly versatile coffee machine due to its size and simple but useful features. The lack of a container for milk or a milk frother may put some cappuccino enthusiasts off a little bit, but there is no mistaking that the Pixie is a great entry level machine for general purpose use.

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Nespresso Creatista Coffee Machines

Nespresso have pulled out all the stops to show us what a real top-of-the-line Nespresso machine looks like, and the Creatista (and Creatista Plus) is the result. It’s a real high-end coffee statement, made by premium brands on both sides of the pond.

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Nespresso Expert Coffee Machines

The Nespresso Expert coffee machine has several new great innovations under its sleeve, but the first thing you notice about this coffee machine is its looks. The sleek, minimalist style is designed to grace a tabletop while being able to be tucked away and still look incredibly elegant. Simply put, it’s beautiful!

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Nespresso KitchenAid Coffee Machines

Rather than being made out of plastic, the construction of the Nespresso KitchenAid coffee machine is predominantly metal. It adds a beautiful, high-end finish to an already gorgeous coffee machine and it’s one of the things we love the most about it!

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Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machines

For someone who appreciates a good espresso over lots of different options for water sizes and milk, the Inissia might be a great choice. It is particularly suited for those who are looking to explore the Nespresso range for the first time, given how little space it takes up and how little it weighs.

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Nespresso Prodigio Coffee Machines

The Nespresso Prodigio make waves when it was first released: it was Nespresso’s first connected coffee machine! Using an app and built-in bluetooth functionality, Nespresso specifically designed this machine to be your coffee companion in a connected home.

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Nespresso CitiZ Coffee Machines

The CitiZ range of coffee machines encapsulate ‘urban design’ into their appliances. The CitiZ machine combines a practical design with an artistic message – and they do look really sleek!

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Nespresso Essenza Coffee Machines

Compact and ergonomic, the Essenza range of machines are designed to deliver a delicious espresso or lungo drink. The Essenza machine seems to be the one-stop-shop for those who enjoy good espresso but don’t need ultimate speed.

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Nespresso Lattissima Coffee Machines

The Lattissima range of machines is likely to be our favourite for milk-based coffees, and we love both the one-touch button for making coffees and the useful descaling function which makes it rather low maintenance as well.

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Nespresso U Coffee Machines

The U series of machines offers a very solid standard of home based coffee machines, and the combination of affordability and simplicity make them the most popular range. The U-Milk in particular offers a great priced alternative to other ranges such as the Lattissima.

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Nespresso Maestria Coffee Machines

For those who not only love their coffee but love MAKING their coffee, we can see the Maestria machines fitting in perfectly. The biggest plus of the basic Maestria machine is the classic steam pipe attached to the front, allowing you to prepare your milk like a barista!

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Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machines

Nespresso introduced a brand new way of making capsule coffee with a revolutionary centrifugal approach. Your coffee capsule would spin instead of be pressed, and this resulted in the possibility of longer coffees (a mug as opposed to a double espresso!) and a more beautiful crema. The Nespresso Vertuo and VertuoPlus coffee machines were the first to do this, and they are fantastic!

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