Nespresso Expert Coffee Machines

After the original release of the Nespresso Prodigio as the first bluetooth compatible coffee machine, Nespresso have now taken things a step further – check out our Nespresso Expert coffee machine review!

Nespresso Expert Coffee Machine Review

Note that at the time of review, it looks like the Nespresso Expert range is only available in Europe rather than the US, which we think is a shame – but if you want one it’s still possible to order internationally!

The Nespresso Expert coffee machine has several new great innovations under its sleeve, but the first thing you notice about this coffee machine is its looks. The sleek, minimalist style is designed to grace a tabletop while being able to be tucked away and still look incredibly elegant. Simply put, it’s beautiful!

Beautiful Minimalist Design

We would argue that the Nespresso Expert takes the place in their lineup that the Nespresso CitiZ coffee machine was originally designed to occupy in the Nespresso lineup. When it was released, the CitiZ was designed to be a functional and beautiful design that could proudly sit on any home or office tabletop.

The Expert, in our eyes, is the natural evolution of this – but with more features including more coffee settings and Bluetooth functionality as well (more on this later)!

Nespresso Expert / Nespresso Expert & Milk Product Specifications

Below are the Nespresso Expert coffee machine specifications, as well as those for the Nespresso Expert & Milk combination.

Product NameNespresso ExpertNespresso Expert & Milk
ManufacturerMagimix, KrupsMagimix, Krups
Pressure19 bars19 bars
Heat-Up Time25 seconds25 seconds
Milk Frother Included?NoYes
Steam Pipe Included?NoNo
Adjustable Temperature ControlYesYes
Cup WarmerNoNo
Cup Coffee Sizes44

The Smart Coffee Machine: Nespresso’s Next Bluetooth Coffee Machine

Since the Nespresso Prodigio was released as Nespresso’s first Bluetooth coffee machine, we were wondering where Bluetooth was going to show up next. The Expert is the next in Nespresso’s line of smart / connected coffee machines, and it comes with the possibility of an Aeroccino add-on as well in the form of the Expert & Milk.

Nespresso Prodigio
Nespresso Expert

Using the Nespresso Expert Bluetooth function, you can use the Nespresso app (available from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) to:

Brew your coffee
Change coffee settings (what cup size, amount of water etc.)
Be notified when you have few capsules left in your machine and need to order more
Schedule a coffee for a set time in the future
Be notified about any machine faults that may require assistance from Nespresso

These are pretty handy and we’re sure the geeky audience amongst us will be delighted with some of these features. If you happen to just want the taste of a nice Nespresso coffee in the morning then some of these features could be a big surplus to your requirements, but are arguably cool nonetheless!

New Cup Sizes: Nespresso Americano

We are used to seeing Nespresso coffee machines offer 3 distinct coffee cup sizes: espresso, lungo and ristretto (for the difference between these, we recommend you read our article here). With the Nespresso Expert, a new cup size is introduced: the Nespresso Americano. The new setting offers a longer and milder coffee with approx. 125ml of hot water for each 25ml coffee/espresso. The result is a cup that is smooth, sweet and round while keeping its intrinsic character – but it really does depend which Nespresso coffee capsule you’re using!

With some Nespresso capsules, using more hot water allows for sweeter notes so that you can taste flavours such as honey, or nuts. However, also remember that capsules that were already producing quite a mild espresso are more likely to lose their flavour amongst a higher water-to-espresso ratio.

We would remind everyone to reminder to choose your capsules carefully – naturally weaker capsules will not fare well using the new Nespresso Americano cup size, because you risk losing some of your flavour profile. If you are excited for the new Nespresso Americano, we recommend using the more intense capsules – an 8 or above on the intensity scale. You can find details for these on our Ultimate Guide to Nespresso Capsules here.

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Nespresso Expert / Expert & Milk Summary

The Nespresso Expert coffee machine is interesting on multiple fronts. The design is an evolution and improvement on their previous minimalist designs and honestly looks great both at home and in the office. The incorporation of the Aeroccino for the Expert & Milk is fantastic, meaning that you can program your coffee in the morning and also make sure you have milk to go with it if you fancy waking up to a cappuccino.

Nespresso’s connected coffee machine range also gets a boost with the Expert. You get all the same functions as the Prodigio did, but with the addition of an extra cup size as well in the new Nespresso Americano. You also have three water temperature settings (warm, hot & very hot) to customise the best combinations for the Nespresso capsules you choose.

Unfortunately, Nespresso discontinued the Nespresso Expert line of products in 2020 as they found fewer users really needing Bluetooth connectivity with their coffee machines. The good news is that for a similar amount of money, you can get a more complex machine with a steam pipe, where the lack of Bluetooth is a cost saving. We would recommend the Nespresso Creatista, although it’s worth remembering the Nespresso Expert ticked pretty much all the other boxes with Bluetooth connectivity to boot. It was a great looking and fantastic functioning coffee machine, but we recommend taking a look at the Creatista and Creatista Pro!

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