Nespresso Lattissima+ Coffee Machines

The Lattissima+ range of machines is likely to be our favourite for milk based coffees, and we love both the one-touch button for making coffees and the useful descaling function which makes the machine rather low maintenance as well.

Lattissima: For Lovers of Milk Based Coffee

The Lattissima+ series of Nespresso machines is built exclusively for those who adore their milk-based coffee – enter your lattes and your cappuccinos.

By far the biggest feature of the Lattissima for coffee lovers is the one-touch milk carafe. It is very visible at the front of the machine, and can be detached and kept in the fridge when not in use. In addition, the milk steamer built into the machine has a temperature regulation system, mimicking a barista’s motions in keeping the temperature of your milk nice and even as it froths up.

One Touch Choice for Coffee

The way the one-touch dial works on top of the machine is the cornerstone of the Lattissima’s offering. The one-touch buttons allow for an espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato or long coffee to be made quickly and easily.

In addition, there is an extra set of dials on top of the machine to adjust the amount of coffee and milk in your drinks – so each type of drink specified above can be personalised to your own taste. The milk froth volume adjuster is by far the most fun tool we’ve experimented with, and highly recommend it for finding something you enjoy the most – it takes a little experimentation to get there, but it’s completely worth it!

The 40-second heat time is longer than some of the more compact machines in the Nespresso range (such as the Pixie and U for example) but the Lattissima is not designed for pure speed. The 19-bar pressure on the espresso dispenser to deliver a good espresso with excellent crema couples with the specialist milk carafe to give great tasting milk-based coffees, time after time.

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Lattissima Extra Tips and Summary

A useful fact to know is the maximum hot milk capacity of the carafe, which is 8.5oz – bear in mind this takes into account frothing / foam etc. so it’s useful not to go over this limit if you want to get your milk just right. There is 30oz capacity in the removable water tank which should be more than enough for comfort. It also fits any size of cup thanks to the sliding drip tray.

The automatic descaling function is great on this machine as well. When descaling is required, the cappuccino button on top of the machine glows orange. Be careful to read the instructions before doing this, but once you do you’ll realise how simple and easy this is. When descaling starts, the pipe gets plugged and descaling is then an automatic process – no having to take your coffee machine apart once a week to deal with this issue!

Finally, a few useful additions include an automatic timer that switches the machine off after 9 minutes of non-use (in case you forget to switch it off!) and a tidy cable system underneath the machine which keeps cable length under control.

In short: the Lattissima range of machines is likely to be our favourite for milk-based coffees, and we love both the one-touch button for making coffees and the useful descaling function which makes it rather low maintenance as well.