Nespresso Maestria Coffee Machines

For those who not only love their coffee but love MAKING it, we can see the Maestria fitting in perfectly. The biggest plus of the basic machine is the classic steam pipe attached to the front, allowing you to prepare your milk like a barista!

The Nespresso Maestria was retired by Nespresso in 2020/2021, so is no longer publicly available to purchase. However, for a high quality Nespresso machine with a steam wand we would strongly recommend the Nespresso Lattissima Range (including the Pro, Plus and Evo) as an excellent choice for a premium feel in any kitchen. More information is available here about the Maestria, with some Lattissima purchase options shown further down the page. Enjoy our review!

Nespresso Maestria Coffee Machine Review

This range of Nespresso machines are geared specifically towards those who enjoy a more hands-on experience. The biggest plus of the basic machine is the classic steam pipe attached to the front, allowing you to prepare your milk like a barista!

As such, it follows that Maestria Nespresso machines are less likely to be for the dash-and-go coffee drinker who will probably enjoy the U and Pixie machines more in their day-to-day. However, for those who enjoy making a cup of coffee at home in the evening exactly the way you want it, this machine turns coffee making into a delightful ritual.

Cool Features

Rather than have some sort of sliding / detachable mechanism for lifting a larger or smaller mug, the Maestria Nespresso machine operates a rotating shelf that puts itself to one side when you have a larger mug/glass that you’d like to use instead. This minimises the profile of the machine while also minimising the number of moving parts, so we really like it.

In addition, it’s very hard to ignore the steam pipe. When this author goes to a proper coffee shop, one of the most important skills that differentiates a good latte from a great latte is how well the barista is able to control the texture and temperature of the milk. Getting the chance to enjoy and practice this sounds like a lot of fun.

Finally, it’s also worth noting that while it’s sold separately through the Nespresso Club, the Maestra can also be sold with a Barista Kit (created by Olivia and Andree Putman), complete with cappuccino kit and shaker. For those who not only love their coffee but love MAKING it, we can see this machine fitting in perfectly.

If you are a big fan of spontaneous decisions or needing your coffee in a hurry, this will genuinely make a tangible and welcome difference to your day compared with many other coffee machines (including some of the larger Nespresso ones) that take one or several minutes to get ready to produce your coffee.

However, if you’re happy to relax or tend to anticipate a bit more in advance when you’d like your coffee (I’ll have my afternoon tea at four, thank you very much), then this is unlikely to be the most critical thing to consider – but still rather useful.

The official Nespresso marketing strategy on the Pixie focuses on five primary selling points: Fast, Intuitive, Cool, Ergonomic and Energy Efficient. These rather conveniently translate (with one exception – read on to find out which) to the main points of note about this machine, so we’ll talk about them in that order.

Nespresso Maestria Silver

Nespresso Maestria Red

Nespresso Maestria Cream

The Gran Maestria

The Pixie is an amazingly versatile Nespresso coffee machine due to its size and simple but useful features. The visual water level warning is a great touch, and we love that you can bring it around the house to have it fit in wherever it is most useful. The lack of a container for milk or a milk frother may put some cappuccino enthusiasts off a little bit, but there is no mistaking that this is great entry level Nespresso coffee machine for general purpose use.

One potential pitfall to note is that because of its limited size, you will inevitably be emptying the used Nespresso capsule container (listed maximum: 10) and topping up the water supply (listed capacity: 0.7L) a little more often than other machines, but we think this is only a minor / negligible issue given how great its upsides can be if you want it specifically for its portability or placing it outside of the kitchen.

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